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Who We Serve

Many Hands Inc., a Home and Auto Repair Ministry, seeks to serve those in need in the East Hillsborough County area, such as seniors on fixed incomes, single parent households, lower income families with young children, widows, the disabled and other at risk individuals.

All applications will be reviewed for eligibility based on the Federal Poverty Level Guidelines, along with situational considerations. See the chart below.

We limit our assistance to minor repairs, referring anything beyond the skills of our volunteers to local business partners, doing our best to negotiate a discount for the client.

Volunteer labor is always free; clients are encouraged to reimburse costs of materials, parts or supplies.  If unable to do so they may apply for our “Hardship Program” and agree to a “pay it forward” reimbursement plan.

Here is a partial list of some of the repairs we have done.

    • repaired a leak in a roof vent pipe for a disabled senior
    • installed a thermostat in the car of another local senior
    • installed a new starter for a senior's car
    • minor tree trimming
    • replaced a radiator in a single mom's car
    • repaired a skylight roof leak for a gentleman suffering through a catastrophic illness
    • cleaned gutters for a local widowed senior
    • replaced water pumps on a seniors car  and a single mom’s car
    • multiple oil changes for single mom’s, seniors and young families
    • yard work for a senior in need
    • fixed a broken window
    • repaired car brakes for a family in need
    • adjusted brakes for a local senior
    • replaced brakes for single mom of 2
    • replaced a distributor for local single senior
    • fixed fan on refrigerator/freezer for a local senior
    • fixed front wheel bearings for single mom
    • repaired plumbing pipes for a disabled senior
    • replaced timing belt for a local family
    • repaired a leaky toilet for a local senior in need
    • repaired a front door for a mother of 4
    • installed a water heater for a widowed senior
    • repaired A/C compressor for a homeless couple
    • fixed a headliner in a van for a mother of 5
We are making a difference one repair at a time!

 Current Ministry Financial Guidelines
Based on Federal Poverty Levels 

Number of Persons in Household

Monthly Gross Income Cap

















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