What We Do



To give you an idea of what we do, here is a partial list of repairs we have accomplished:

· repaired a leak in a roof vent pipe 

· installed a car thermostat 

· installed a new starter 

· fixed a broken window

· replaced a radiator 

· repaired a skylight roof leak 

· cleaned gutters 

· multiple oil changes 

· yard work 

· repaired car brakes 

· adjusted brakes 

· replaced a distributor 

· replaced ripped screens

· fixed front wheel bearings 

· repaired plumbing pipes 

· replaced timing belts 

· repaired a leaky toilet 

· repaired a front door 

· installed a water heater 

· replaced auto hoses

· performed tune ups

· minor tree trimming

· repaired a front porch ceiling

· replaced CV axles

· replaced a water pump

· replaced an AC compressor

· replaced leaky faucets